Microbiome Investment Congress | 30-31 May, 2017

Please complete the application form below by Friday 14th April, 2017. 

-Do you work in the microbiome field?
-Do you have an innovative idea or piece of research that could benefit patients?
-Do you want to pitch to partners that can help you commercialise your idea?

This is a unique opportunity to pitch your ideas to leading innovators, for the chance to fast track your proposal, perfect your pitch and potentially secure funding and partnerships.

You will have 5 minutes to present your innovative idea to a room full of potential advisors, investors and partners.


ONE YEAR’S access to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX facility.

JLINX provides entrepreneurs with opportunities to share ideas and collaborate with each other while accessing a unique combination of resources including investment, infrastructure, and access to relevant internal and external scientific, technical and business expertise.

For more information please contact events@kisacoresearch.com

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